JTAG is an interface that you can make urself or buy which allow you to erase and reprogram ur receiver’s flash rom.Why u should use this JTag?In case of ur receiver become unusable bcoz. of upgrading with wrong software or if you upgrade with wrong method.Meanwhile u need a special software to alive ur receiver again.That’s JTag.


jKeys is a program primarily used to access memory on IRDs. It works by utlizing processor diagnostic devices via the JTAG port. This software has been used on STMicroelectronics STiXXXX (ST20 based core) and LSI SC2000 processors.


Your receiver flash rom can be erase and program again and again like a CD RW.Uploading wrong firmware into your receiver will not damage your flash rom but only render your receiver useless.If you happen to load the wrong file into your receiver you can use Jtag to reprogram ur flash rom.
If Jtag can read your flash rom , box keys then the flash rom has no problem.It’s more safer to use Jtag than to use Null modem cable to upgrade your receiver.

JTAG for ALI 3329B and 3329C

cablage jtag

Need 3 resistance 100 OM, 33 OM, 1 kohms, db25 printer, caustic tool-25 watt
How to make cable
Link only 5 of resistance
Bind the wires (not exceeding 15 cm at most)

Dragged the Volt as a picture
Don’t forget to paste Jp1 legs together

Cables should be as short as possible on the one hand a db25 Alternatively record 6 to plugins (1-d câble DB25 câble imprimante

Link your jtag cable to the computer (1-d câble DB25 câble ’ imprimante)

Now explain how
First install device JTAG cable
II then installation inst _ giveio
Third open program EJTAG _ TT and then the following counters

Press the Connect button that you want mistakenly catching the taking read as you can only be programmed in the BOT boot if you want to boot ali c. § B Or dump would prefer

This process about 25 minutes






Aston jtag



  1. Jtag Dreambox
    Jtag Clone Dreambox

  2. A very good HOWTO about using a CAS2 interface to repair a corrupt
    bootloader in the DreamBox

  3. ALi-M3329B Datasheet.pdf
    Sti-5518 Datasheet.pdf
    Ali_M3328C Datasheet.pdf

  4. sti5517_jtag_pins.jpg

    • Salut, si la ce ai postat aici cu jtag pentru sti5517 la ce foloseste, daca nu se poate citi memoria?

  5. se poate citi memoria…dar nu se poate scrie iar interfata cu rezistente nu este foarte buna….. poate da erori de citire si scriere….recomand interfata mai evoluata cu 74hc244 este mult mai sigura … am experimentat acest lucru

  6. Saty am incercat sa fac un jtag pe un globo 7010a [ali3329b] am urmat toti pasii de sus dar cand conectez ejtag zice procesor ident FFFFFF , ce nu fac bine? Multumesc

  7. cum pun un Globo 7010a in mod debugg deoarece pe placa nu are jumper… Multumesc.

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